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Board & Staff


We are blessed to have a Good Samaritan Board made up of 9-15 people who represent a cross section of Brown County.  We have retirees, business owners, and educators to name a few. The board  represents a variety of churches, ages, and ethnic diversity. Each member is asked to serve a three year term and may serve a consecutive three year term. Our board has a heart and passion for mission outreach and advocates for the ministry  in their own diverse circles of influence. Every board member gives of their time, talent, and treasure.

  • Don Neill, serving since 2014
  • Peter Romig, since 2016
  • Roger Geise, since 2017
  • David Salter, since 2017
  • Troy Evans, serving since 2018
  • Jo Damron, serving since 2018
  • Linda Henderson, serving since 2019
  • Linda Lemond, serving since 2019
  • Daniel Humeniuk, serving since 2019
  • Christy Meiecke, serving since 2020
  • Patti Robinson, serving since 2020
  • Shannon Sim, serving since 2020
  • Jason Tindol, serving since 2020


Good Samaritan Ministries takes pride in its people and  believes our people are our greatest asset. Our staff consists of two full time employees and twelve part-time employees.  We have chosen the best to serve and partner with in this ministry. We are brothers and sisters in Christ united in a common goal.