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The 2018 Brown County Youth Fair and Stock Show was a success for the kids and GSM. The Pig Project was able to purchase 28 pigs. 

The Pig Project came about when a long time volunteer, Larry Schwartz, asked if he could get enough donations to purchase some pigs from the stock show, would GSM be interested in receiving the meat?

We are always excited to provide quality sources of protein to our families so we easily agreed.

Mr. Schwartz passed away in 2019, right after the Youth Fair. Ruth and his children want to continue the project  in his memory. 

We are reorganizing and looking for people to be involved. The first meeting will be July 30th at 4 pm at GSM  

We will need to fundraise and work with the the Youth Fair to promote the project. The pigs will be fed out for about eight weeks and then taken to the processor. The ground pork will then be delivered to the freezers of Good Samaritan Ministries to be distributed through the Food Pantry.

Contact us here at GSM if you would like more information.

Abby Moody, a Zephyr FFA member, showing at the 2018 Brown County Stock Show.

For more information about The Pig Project, please contact GSM at 325-643-2273.